10:00 - 21:00 Installation at nona arts centre - golden hall

On-Trade-Off | LUNÄ

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Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters

LUNÄ is a project by Marjolijn Dijkman (ongoing since 2011) which references the legacy of the 18th century Lunar Society, a group of enthusiasts and scholars who met on full moon nights in Birmingham to discover and discuss new ideas, also known as the Lunarticks.

Their debates brought together philosophy, science, industrial developments and commerce as well as art, education and social rights. Original Lunar Members included Matthew Boulton, Erasmus Darwin, Thomas Day, Joseph Priestley, James Watt and Josiah Wedgwood.

Three centuries later, LUNÄ revisits this moment of historical significance. A reproduction of the original table where the Lunar Society met provides a context where we can speculate and critically explore topics that the original society discussed and investigate new ideas in related fields. Selected reference material is displayed on the table, relating to LUNÄ and the Lunar Society.

There will also be a LUNÄ Talk. This event will be held on Saturday 18th May at 13:00-16:00.

Hosted by the artists Marjolijn Dijkman and Maarten Vanden Eynde, researchers Raf Custers (Gresea), Jeroen Cuvelier (Ugent), Zheng Li (KU Leuven) and the journalist and writer Tine Hens will engage in conversation with the artists Femke Herregraven, Sammy Baloji and Georges Senga who are part of the project On-Trade-Off. The audience is welcomed to listen and actively respond to the ideas and artefacts put on the table. On-Trade-Off is created by the artist initiatives Picha (Lubumbashi, DRC) and Enough Room for Space (Brussels, BE).

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Marjolijn Dijkman
nona arts centre - golden hall
Begijnenenstraat 27
2800 Mechelen