Lavinia Wouters

The launch of Common Dreams: Piraten van de Dijle will inaugurate the floating garden. This garden is designed especially to relieve the survival challenges facing people who live in unusual daily situations. During the launch you will learn unique survival skills that can be used in urban environments and floating gardens. This garden has been created by Piraten van de Dijle in close collaboration with the artist Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and Straathoekwerk Mechelen.

If it is raining a new location will be found.

The floating garden is an attempt to create a genuine, functioning utopia and to become a live, living archive of survival stories and struggles. The guests of honour for this launch are the Piraten van de Dijle team (a community project by Straathoekwerk Mechelen), who will maintain the garden.

Video © Bert Vannoten

With the generous support of Klimaatneutraal Mechelen and coproduced by Straathoekwerk Mechelen.

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Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Dyle Path at the Vismarkt
Vismarkt (Dijlepad)
2800 Mechelen

This event is free. It is recommended to register via the "buy tickets" button above.