12:00 - 17:00 Assembly at Thomas More - Campus De Vest

We Cannot Work Like This

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Sint Lucas School of Arts
Hong Kong before Land Reclamation, Yao Yi-Chen
RCA Walking with Care
RCA Walking with Care
RCA Walking with Care
O.D.C. KASK | The Post Collective © Mirra Markhaëva & Marcus Bergner
École de recherche graphique, Bruxelles
École Européenne Supérieure d'Art de Bretagne - site de Rennes
CIMIC Thomas More
HISK | Full Moon Pancake, author unknown
Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters
Markhaeva Mirra
The post collective
The post collective
St Lucas Antwerp

After a year of collectively run research and work in their schools on a proposal for sustainable, decolonial and inclusive practices (artistic, architectural, design or research-related), the students, alumni, artists and teachers of the alliance are getting together in order to be moved by each other and by the public. Collective work on imagining what a charter for such artistic and institutional practices could be takes the form of an assembly at the Thomas More University, Mechelen. For two days, the charter will be envisioned and the future of this alliance evoked through installations, speculative fictions, conversations, walks, meals, films, sound performances and social interaction.


Friday 17 May 2019

  • 12:00 - 16:30: The PG Intercultural Transitions Thomas More students welcome you to see their video installation of interviews, a podcast on prejudices, a selfie-wall with awareness quality, a playful insight in white savior behaviour and an exposition of double standard images young people use.

Saturday 18 May 2019

  • 12:00 - CIMIC Thomas More: ongoing presentation of different projects
  • 14:00 - Guided tour of the presented works
  • 15:00 - École Européenne Supérieure d'Art de Bretagne: video presentation
  • 16:00 - RCA: a walk
  • 22:30 - HISK & RCA: performative walk + moonlight picnic

Sunday 19 May 2019

  • 12:00 - Sint Lucas School of Arts: presentation of a zine
  • 14:00 - L’École de recherche graphique, Bruxelles (L’ERG): discussion around the publication Fair Art Almanac 2019
  • 15:00 - KASK - Open Design Course (O.D.C.): discussion
  • 16:00 - General discussion: “How Can the Alliance Continue Beyond Contour 9”?

Arranged in chronological order:

CIMIC Thomas MoreOngoing presentation of different projects

The student team of the Thomas More University College Intercultural Transitions works within the festival themes of decolonisation and degrowth and asks why these themes are so contemporary. What do they have to do with one another? An exposition, critical questioning of the audiences and video material aim to question the convictions of the visitors and involve them in critical thinking. Which themes are spoon-fed to us? Which prejudices does language hide stubbornly? What resources are hidden in objects that we use daily, such as cell phones and popular jeans brands? Who is making money out of all of this? Our questions will conclude with the double standards that we use when we talk about decolonisation or even duplicate when we communicate through new technologies. The key question being: does equality exist if we don't always measure with equal means?

Team: Celine Andries, Dorien Gryp, Helena Van Kerkhove, Joel-François Ndombe, Judith Grillet, Leen Van Hilst, Liana Tolonge, Liesbeth Mattheussen, Lieven Miguel, Margot Van Look, Liesbeth Godts, Kaatje Van Biesbroeck, Michele Callaerts, Tina Vanhoye, Toon Demalsche, Zerin Oral, Mathieu Charles, Willeke Van Herreweghe

École Européenne Supérieure d'Art de Bretagne - site de Rennes

Our group is working on the subject of "Micro politics"; with the idea of eventually opening our own exhibition and/or experimentation space in Rennes, France. Through a series of short videos, we are documenting the different forms of active art spaces and the various ways they are run and organized. These videos will be shown projected on a structure with screens and printed images.

Team: Clara Agnus, Héloïse Aloncle, Julie Béasse, Coraline Delorme, Jules De Moratti, Michaël Harpin, Elisabeth Gomes-Barradas, Camille Kerzerho, Sybille Raphaël, Célestine Pelletier, Alice Quentel, Marie Saillard, Olivier Marboeuf, Kristina Solomoukha

Royal College of ArtWALKING WITH CARE

How do we feel in urban space? How can intimate sensations, emotions and feelings come into discourses around planning for urban futures? Contesting the rational, colonial and gendered history of urban planning, students from the Master of Research in Architecture at the Royal College of Art propose a set of ‘marking feelings’ walks.

The project consists of two walks taking place in public space in Mechelen. We propose two interactive ‘Walking with Care’ workshops with the public. The first one would begin at 4pm on Saturday 18 May. Participants will be introduced to concepts of care and feeling in the built-up environment before engaging in a collective act of marking. Marking these forms of care in space becomes a way of mapping in real scale, drawing, thinking and participating. We end with a collective discussion of participants’ own ideas about spatial care.

The second walk will be held in the evening of Saturday 18 May at 10:30pm and is a performative collaboration with members of the alliance and other participants who join. It will consist of a series of performative actions as we move along a route, and will finish with a full moon picnic at 11:11pm at an open-air square in the city centre. We are interested in asking if architecture and urban space is caring, and how to translate feelings as an effective form of knowledge for urban planning systems.

Team: Nuria Benítez Gómez, Mariano Cuofano, Moritz Dittrich, Wanying Li, Ching-Hung Lin, Adam Kaasa

HISKFull Moon Walk

Saturday 18 May at 10:30pm

HISK will take part in Full Moon Walk together with RCA and other members of the Alliance. The walk will take place on Saturday 18 May at night and weaves through a series of mini-performances around the city centre. Hannah Mevis proposes a walking pancake sculpture and Sofia Caesar presents wearable textiles with sentences used by the Alliance that demand actions.

Team: Sofia Caesar, Marijke De Roover, Megan Heilig, Hannah Mevis, Elena Sorokina


Words hold the world up. We had the idea of making a zine to attend to words as a way of forging an imaginary. Its aim would be to manage the meanwhile within a climate of systemic racial and cultural injustice. The zine would detect where our experiences and our words are able to cover for each other, as a practical and political tool that allows for ambivalence, distraction, antagonism and inattention.

Along with the participants of the Alliance, we decide on a collection of 30 to 50 words by means of assembly and discussion. Each word is to be described discursively or visually on a single page of our zine. The descriptions will be created personally or in smaller working groups. The workshop will be held on Sunday morning 19 May at 10:00 and will be DIY published at 12:00.

Team: Robin Vets, Gilani Raja, Larissa Cluzet, Joud Toamah, Lander Van der Borght, Natalia Ossef, Sarah Adriaenssens, Ikram Ettarrahi, Rabten Tenzin, Imane Benyecif, Petra Van Brabandt, Robin Vanbesien

École de recherche graphique, BruxellesA MOMENT AROUND FAIR ART ALMANAC 2019

ERG invites members of State of the Arts to discuss their initiatives and propositions for a fairer, more inclusive and more democratic arts scene in Belgium, notably their publication Fair Art Almanac 2019.

State of the Arts is an open platform of artists, artist-run, self-organized initiatives and anyone worried about the state of the arts today. This alliance was set up to address concerns about the austerity measures that politics at large, and Belgian cultural policies in particular, have taken in relation to art practices. The platform doesn’t intend to speak through one representative spokesperson, but through various participants on the platform.

Team: Giampiero Caïti, Manon Capisano, Pierre-Philippe Duchâtelet, Gabriel Franjou, Louis Garrido, Mai-Loan Gaudez, Laurie Giraud, Marilou Guyon, Morgane Le Ferec, Kobe Matthys


Open Design Course (O.D.C) for refugees and asylum seekers is an educational platform based on p2p learning and co-creation at KASK, Ghent. The 2018 generation of participants invites you to a speculative presentation of the programme, as well as to imagine a post O.D.C future. Taking the next step, the POST COLLECTIVE researches how to generate co-learning and co-working opportunities and build up sustainable collaborative environments, regardless of the legal status of its members.

Team: Mirra Markhaëva, Marcus Bergner, Yared Yilma, Mohammed Tawfiq, Hooman, Samer Alagha, Fatma Osman, Sawsan Maher, Elli Vassalou, Peter Westenberg. Sound Performance by: Marcus Bergner, Yared Yilma, Mohammed Tawfiq, Hooman, Fatma Alomrani, Muhned Bnana, Najwa Khater, Hooman


Our core consideration is our collectively shared agency for a cohabitated Earth. Starting with an understanding of the historical and contemporary dimensions of colonisation in Hong Kong, and imagining open and generative approaches to planetary living, we have brought together propositions for introducing multispecies urbanism, as well as ancestral and mythological knowledge in design and planning practice and education.

Team: Cheung Hoi Man (Christy), Fan Man Si (Phoebe), Hung Wai Yin (Louis), Ip Cheuk Sum (Sampson), Kwon Soeun (Sara), Leung Ying (Jenn), Li Keyin (Rena), Lin Xuancheng (Charles), Park Ji Eun (Gina), Sui Xin (Dixie), Yao Yi Chen (Jeff), Gayathri Sivakumar, Merve Bedir

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Transnational Alliance
Thomas More - Campus De Vest
Zandpoortvest 60
2800 Mechelen

Opening hours Thomas More | Campus De Vest

  • Friday 17 May Closed

  • Saturday 18 May 12:00 – 17:00

  • Sunday 19 May 12:00 – 17:00