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In the Full Moon Phase, artist Cadine Navarro cordially invites you to join her work session called Ode to the Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, to get people to engage with her work Black Gold. This is a constantly evolving installation by the artist, that has stood in the garden of Academy Mechelen since the first phase of the biennale in January 2019. Along with the working group, she will focus on breaking down and composting thought-forms that will later be disposed off at the site of Black Gold.

Participants are kindly asked to bring something to lie on (small blanket, mat), and a light blanket or scarf for warmth.

Black Gold is a public installation that is both a compost box and a chime box. It is sustained by the care, attention and curiosity of visitors, particularly during the different moon phases of Contour Biennale 9. It is not only a site where matter breaks down into new life forms, but also a space especially constructed to give us a heightened consciousness of our environment and ourselves.

The bodily practice will include some breath work and meditative techniques that will last for an hour and will be immediately followed by a walk to the site in order to conclude the ritual. This practice is open to everyone.

The title was chosen because, quite literally, we are all made out of sunlight. Every life form on this planet is here because a plant somewhere was able to capture sunlight and store it, and something else was able to assimilate that sunlight and use the energy. The entire human population of the planet is limited to the amount of readily available energy from this ancient cycle of “inhaling” carbon dioxide (CO2) and “exhaling” oxygen (O2).

Content of the session is inspired in-part by artist, writer and eco-activist Starhawk, and the meditations are based on the technology provided by Kundalini Yoga.

With the generous support of the Embassy of France in Belgium and Institut Français.

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Cadine Navarro
nona arts centre - old hall
Begijnenstraat 19
2800 Mechelen (B)