20:00 - 22:00 Conversation at De Zondvloed Mechelen

Book Club #2: 'Zwart'

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Daan Broos
Daan Broos

In this, the second of three Live Book Clubs, the artist will engage in conversation with two young readers.

This time she has chosen Melat G. Nigussie and Kiangana to join her at the table. You might know Melat as an opinion writer on gender and diversity issues or as the co-founder of the Belgian Renaissance collective. Kiangana is a reggae / dub singer and producer.

The starting point for this conversation is the book "Zwart", edited by Ebissé Rouw and Vamba Sherif. The book is a collection of short literature pieces written by Dutch or Belgian authors with African roots.

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Laura Nsengiyumva
Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie
De Zondvloed Mechelen
Onze-Lieve-Vrouwstraat 70
Mechelen (stad)