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Samira Saleh has been using the important outlet that is spoken word as a tool for self-empowerment since she first stumbled upon the phenomenon online. She switches between serious poems and funnier work without a problem, all this without compromising the will to share a heartfelt message. However light the poem may seem, Samira's work will always carry a deeper meaning for the listening ear. She won the 2016 BILL Award for speaking and the Slam 't Stad - Team Zuid slam poetry tournament. Previous performances have taken her all around Belgium, the Netherlands, Birmingham, Belgrade and Cairo for different projects like the Tashweesh Festival, Apple's And Snakes Hit The Ode, Stand & Deliver and Urban Woorden’s Jazz n' Words session. In 2016 she was appointed Slambassador for Belgium in the International exchange project, Next Generation Speaks for which she traveled to San Francisco. Currently she’s one of the organizers for Mama’s Open Mic. Keep an eye out for this badass upcoming poet! The revolution will not be televised, she will be heard!