Raul Balai

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Raul Balai's work praxis is a journey through intellectual history; the remorse found within the stereotype, and the effects of the process of ‘orientalization’, as it pertains to dissemination of cultural expression and perception. This has an overriding and suggestive place in our global psyche, very little of it good, mostly detrimental, framing the other in terms of ‘the exotic’, an ‘us-versus-them’ or, more violently, as the savage versus the civilized. Through his work, Balai hopes to deliver new insights for the viewer to consider, starting a conversation about cultural dominance and the remains of the status quo.

Balai is an artist who cannot be reduced to a single style, a single genre or a single anything. His work is not characterized by a specific shape or material. He considers each topic and story and finds an appropriate form. He is constantly refining his visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerges through points of intersection between painting, installations, sculptures, graffiti, graphic design, illustration, video and photography.

In recent years Balai has exhibited at the Biennale Dak’Art, Senegal; M HKA, Antwerpen; Galeri Image- Aarhus, Denmark; Framer Framed, Amsterdam; WM Gallery, Amsterdam; The Black Archives, Amsterdam; Galerie 23, Amsterdam; Galerie Sanaa, Utrecht.