Call it Anything

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Along the Coast

Call it Anything is six years old. Set up in the Paris region in 2012 and backed by the scientific and technical cultural centre F93 (, the approach brings together researchers (both academic and non-academic) with artists, specialists and enthusiasts. All of them aim to multiply the collaborations likely to result in thinking about the Fukushima disaster. For each of them, this involves defining what a study can be and what it should do in terms of both new and ancient forms of knowledge in general, as well as with regard to technology, sciences, arts, politics, law, ecology and culture. They aim to place themselves within and beyond specialised factual knowledge and expertise in nuclear power while ensuring a collective experience by focusing on the detours that the disaster invites us to take. Each of the participants is concerned that their topics be regularly reconsidered and revised. Call it Anything thus reveals and shares the states of the collaborations between contributors, influenced over time by myriad configurations of responses, forms, durations and characters. Today, this approach consists of dispersions, disseminations and proliferations, endlessly re-enacted and in perpetual motion until it can no longer aim to be one particular and given movement.

The members of the collective are: Marc Boissonnade, Elisabeth Claverie, Vinciane Despret, Patricia Falguières, Sophie Houdart, Gaspard Kuentz, Mélanie Pavy, Alexandre Schubnel, Stéphane Sautour.