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Greyzone Zebra invites artist Andrea Stultiens

Greyzone Zebra is a collective composed of artists and researchers working on contemporary forms of transmission and rewriting of histories. It addresses the colonial period through private films made on the African continent before and shortly after the colonies gained their independence.

A collective of artists, teachers, curators and researchers set up the artistic research project Greyzone Zebra in February 2016.

The collective publishes open calls for film material shot during the colonial period and offers to digitize them. Furthermore, it engages in a process of experimentation with practices in response to these films. This approach is now based on two main experimental practices. The first is performative screenings, through which the collective investigates the film material using notes written during and after the screening. The notes are intended to crystallize our different perceptions of those images. As such, these notes constitute a singular material with which to engage in collective reflection on our forms of contemporary rewriting of the colonial past. The second practice, designed as a continuation of the notes, takes the form of research workshops that aim to deepen the analysis of the materials collected, the gestures involved and the stories created by the devices. Artists and researchers are invited to participate in these collective work sessions in order to provide new perspectives on the historical images.

The members of the collective are:

Leïla Burnotte, Milena Desse, Arthur Gillet, Sandra Heremans, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Nelson Makengo, Fred Mutombo, Alexander Schellow, Anna Seiderer and Antje Van Wichelen.